Spring Wedding Themes

Spring is one of the best times to exchange wedding vows. It is considered one of the best seasons for marriage. If you are planning a spring wedding, then you have lots of interesting things to look forward to. As compared to other things, marriage is the most special occasions to plan.

Themes for Spring Wedding


White is a beautiful color to use for a spring wedding. From your wedding dress to the decorations, everything can be white. Use white centrepieces, white wedding favors, white roses and lilies. Try and make things interesting using this color and you’ll get amazing results. For the bride and groom a white vintage Rolls Royce can add more excitement to the theme.

Garden Beauty

Spring is a time to see new life. Everything around you is lush green with beautiful flowers blooming. Take advantage of your natural surrounding and beauty and create a stunning ambience. You can host your wedding in a garden and make it grand.

Blooming Flowers

Flowers make a big difference when it comes to decorations. They not only add beauty but also joy to an occasion. Use flowers like iris, daisies and roses that can add beauty. You can also choose a flower and use it for decoration, invitation card, centrepieces and furnishings. These flowers can be used to decorate your wedding car, cake and ofcourse the bridal bouquet.

Vintage Look

You can also choose a vintage theme to make your wedding special. Finalise on an era and then work on it. Incorporate it in your wedding gown and decorations. Try and maintain everything from that era which includes antique silverwares, chandeliers and candles.

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