Summer Wedding Themes

Many couples love planning a summer wedding that’s full of excitement and fun. Summer is a vacation time for children and many families plan their vacation during this time. If you plan to have a summer wedding, make sure you consider a few things to make it special. There are a lot of summer wedding themes that one can use. Among other themes, the most popular ones are picnic wedding and camping wedding.

Camping Wedding

If you and your partner are more of the outgoing type, then you’ll can plan a camping wedding theme. In a camping wedding, you can invite families and friends to a park that can accommodate people and has facilities. All that you need to do is ask your guests to get tents. Book a camping spot where all your guests can be together. A camping wedding can be a lot of fun with games, campfire and barbecues.

During this time you can choose one of the evenings for your wedding. Camping spots have open areas with an amphitheatre and an open green lawn. Choose this place as a wedding spot. Make invitations in the shape of tents. Do specify what kind of a wedding attire is expected, casual or formal. After the ceremony is over, have a small get together and celebrate by having a party. The party could include food like steaks, salmon, barbeque salads and fresh fruits as these are easy to manage.

Picnic Wedding

A picnic wedding is very similar to a camping wedding. You can try unique invitation ideas like a picnic basket or inscribing on big leaves. Select a picnic spot that has all the facilities like a beach, restroom and small hall to accommodate in case of a bad weather.

The wedding can be a casual one and make sure you tell your guests the same. The picnic basket can include chocolates and other goodies. After the ceremony is done, have a small gathering to enjoy. Have a wedding cake ready along with other food items like fruits, salads, sandwiches and cheese.

A Summer wedding can be a lot of fun, provided it is planned well in advance. Include some adventure sports and other things to make it interesting.

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