Vietnamese Wedding Gift Etiquette

Vietnamese culture is unique and different. They have many ceremonies that symbolises different things. Therefore if you are attending one such wedding, then make sure your gift is given with respect. There are certain guidelines to follow to ensure that your gift is appropriate for the couple.

Symbolism of wedding gift

A gift should not include something that has sharp edges like knives and scissors. This symbolises the cutting of a relationship between the guest and the couple. Similarly do not give handkerchiefs as it is a sign of a very sad farewell in Vietnam.

Functionality of a gift

Gift things that are useful to the bride and groom. Eventually they have to start their own family, so give something that can be used regularly. A few examples of useful gifts are kitchen items, perfumes, decorative items and frames.

Including family members

In case the wedding is held at home, then bring gifts for the family members other than bringing for the couple. In Vietnamese culture, bringing gifts for family members and children is a token of love, appreciation and respect.

Giving business gifts

Remember if you happen to strike a business deal with anyone in the party, then make sure the gift you give doesn’t look like a bribery. Avoid giving huge sum of money rather give a bottle of wine or whiskey. This is an acceptable gift and comes in wedding etiquettes.

Presenting the gift

The way you present your gift speaks a lot about your personality. Make sure you wrap your gift in bright wrapping papers and never use a black wrapper. This is considered as a bad sign and an ill omen in Vietnamese culture.

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