8 Generic Wedding Gifts to Avoid

Many of us tend to forget the etiquettes of wedding gifts. Some people may not even consider what gift is relavant and what is irrelevant. Avoid these generic gifts and gift something that a couple can relate too.

8 Generic Wedding Gifts to Avoid

Coffee maker-

A coffee maker is not an ideal wedding gift given to a couple. Since most couples have already lived together, they would have already bought this long back.


This gift is similar to the coffee maker. It can be possible that the bride’s and the groom’s parents would have already bought it for them or the couple themselves would have invested in it.

Photo frames-

This is the most convenient wedding gift that guests can think of. People think that there is no better way to display wedding pictures of the bride and groom. A photo frame is a very common gift which the couple would have had. Don’t gift them unless they really need one.

Wine glasses-

This may seem a unique wedding gift, but it’s not. Ask any bride and she would tell u the number of wine glasses she would have received. This is something basic that the couple would have already have.

Fruit basket-

This too seems to be very generic. No bride and groom would want a fruit basket that they could easily afford at any supermarket. This is not at all an ideal gift.

Getting anything at the reception-

It is not considered to be good to carry just about any gift at the wedding reception. Giving a gift just before the occasion is good. Many guests tend to do this mistake which should be avoided.

Bathroom mats-

This one thing that guests can take it for granted that the couple would already have this basic household stuff. This is something very generic and common. Mats are something that a couple would want to decide on their own.

Candle holders-

Gifting a candle holder may seem like a cute gift. But again it depends on a couples personal taste. Since this is a very generic gift, a couple may have already picked something of their choice.

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