Chinese Wedding Customs and Rituals

Chinese culture and ceremonies have always been very interesting, especially when it comes to weddings. Chinese rituals and customs are different and unique. Apart from understanding other cultures and traditions, it’s good to know about other things too.

Wedding Proposal

An auspicious day is selected by the couples family. They have a formal meeting where the groom’s family gives gifts that symbolises prosperity, happiness and fertility. Therefore after this ceremony the girl and the guy are considered officially engaged.

Pre-wedding Rituals

Usually after the engagement, the couples parents sends cakes announcing the wedding date with invitations. In the Chinese culture, the bride’s family makes a list of dowries that they would ask from the groom. While wedding preparations are made, the bride’s family also starts preparing for the function.

Wedding Ceremony

On the wedding day both the families dress the bride and the groom. The hairstyle and the wedding attire is taken care of. After this, the groom is all set to go to the bride’s house and he would be blocked at the door by friends and relatives. After this the couple will go to the groom’s house for tea ceremony. The wedding ceremony comes to an end with an elaborate spread of Chinese food.

Wedding Night Rituals

Before the bride and the groom enter the room, phoenix and dragon candles are lit to keep evil spirits away. The newly wed couple drink wine from two separate cups that are tied together. This is one important part of the Chinese culture. The bride is offered raw dumplings and the idea of giving raw dumplings is being blessed with a happy family.

Post-wedding Ritual

The bride has to wake up early and cook a meal for the groom’s family. This indicates that the bride is familiar with household work. After three days couple goes and meets the bride’s family.

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