5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Most of us plan a wedding to make it memorable and romantic. To plan a memorable wedding you don’t have to spend a lot. There are ways to plan a wedding that can be easy on the bride’s and groom’s pocket.

5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Write love letters to to each other-

This is the cutest way to make your wedding memorable. Write love letters to each other and read it during the wedding ceremony. This not only adds a surprise but also an emotional touch. Seeing this, your guests will understand and support your feelings.

Share some sweet memories from your early day of romance-

Including some happy and memorable times of your early romance would deepen your bond. Such things would give a glimpse of your initial love for each other.

Include reasons to love each other in your wedding vows-

Include a few reasons of what you love about each other in your wedding vows can be a good idea to express your feelings. Complimenting each other on a good note is an amazing way to start your wedding.

Personalise your wedding reception-

Your wedding reception is not just a party for your guests but a celebration and a reunion of your love for each other. It’s your day and make sure you make it special by including dances, acknowledgements from family members, special toasts and events to make it memorable.

Spend time on your honeymoon sharing memories of your wedding-

Honeymoon is not all about physical intimancy and late night parties. It’s a time where you and your partner can relax along the beach, have champagne and remember memorable days of your wedding. Wedding is all about loving and being there for each other and from hereon your life begins as a couple.

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