Wedding Myths

Most of us do not really believe in superstitions and myths, but a few incidents in the past often force us to believe in things that don’t exist. Though it may sound a little weird, but some myths have positive and negative aspects with no scientific proof. Below are a few things you may want to consider while getting married.

A few Wedding Myths

Wearing pearls-

Pearls are known to bring good and bad luck. Pearls were known to depetic future tears, therefore putting them on for a wedding would bring heartache and tears. Another version of this myth is that pearls take the place of the bride’s tears and thus the bride would live a happy life.

Tears on the wedding day-

It’s good for the bride to cry on her wedding day as she would leave no tears for the marriage. People also believe that when a bride cries on her wedding day, it brings rain to the crops.

Rain on the wedding day-

When it rains on the wedding day, it is considered to be good as well as bad. Rain is considered to bring children in a bride’s life whereas rain is also considered to bring bad luck in the form of tears in her life.

Advertising the married name before the wedding-

Signing the married name before the wedding is considered to be a bad omen and even the bride trying her entire wedding outfit is not considered good.

Dropping the wedding ring-

This is another myth. Earlier, dropping the wedding ring during the ceremony was considered lucky as it would drive away evil whereas the belief changed to whoever dropped the wedding ring was to die first.

The bride shouldn’t make her own wedding dress-

This was considered as a bad omen because if the bride stitches her own wedding dress, for every stitch she would shed a tear.

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