Top 7 Wedding Myths

Many bride’s and grooms follow their own traditions and ceremonies for the fact anything that’s done with a pure mind would bring them luck. But we really don’t know how many of these are myths and facts are true. A few of them are listed below:

Only a virgin can wear a white gown-

Guess, most people don’t really follow this. What if this is your second marriage, you just wouldn’t do without a white dress. Therefore following this old tradition wouldn’t make sense.

A bridesmaid who is a little overweight would spoil the wedding photos-

This wedding myth is simply awful. If your cousin or your best friend is on the heavier side, it wouldn’t mean that you change your plans of making her the bridesmaid. No matter what, you love her and such myths should not be followed.

A bride’s mother cannot be the bridesmaid-

Who says that the mother of the bride cannot be the bridesmaid? If you and your mom share a relationship of being good friends then how nice it would be that you walk down the aisle with your father followed by your mother.

The number of ushers and bridesmaid should be equal-

This certainly doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t matter if the bridesmaid are more that the ushers. It’s all up to you how you would like to plan it, there are no mandatory rules.

The bride has to be escorted by a male-

Though this is a common tradition followed by many, but there is no such rule that it has to be followed in a certain fashion. There’s no law stating that the bride has to be escorted by a male. Even the bride’s mother or her best friend can escort the bride down the aisle.

Flower girl should be below 5 years of age-

Though kids make the wedding even more happening, but it is not necessary that only kids below the age of 5 should be flower girls. The bride and the groom can choose anyone.

The bride’s parents should take care of the wedding expenses-

A common myth says that the bride’s parents should be taking care of the wedding expenses. Though the bride’s parents may be more than happy to contribute, but it’s not a good thing to burden them with such things.

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