7 Tips to Keep the Winter Bride Warm

Planning a winter wedding can be very interesting. There are a few things to consider like keeping the bride warm. Since the temperature may drop down, you need to make arrangements so that everyone is comfortable and enjoys the occasion.

A few tips to keep the bride warm


The first thing to consider is the fabric of the gown. You should choose a warm fabric for the bridal gown like Tafferta, lush or velvet. These not only would keep the bride warm but would also look very elegant.

Gown pattern:

It may so happen that the bride may have to wear a strapless gown, therefore keep a white velvet cape that has a white faux fur to prevent her from freezing. Make sure that it’s put in such a way that it doesn’t ruin the hair and the makeup.

Length of gloves:

Another way to keep the bride warm is to opt for velvet gloves of elbow length. You can also make arrangements for a warm velvet cloak. In a similar fashion one can also find warm cloaks for the bridal party, that goes well with the theme.


If the gown is strapless and you need that extra warmth, then you can also get a shrug designed of the same fabric of the dress or wear a bolero that would be warm. To add a little more style to the gown, you can also wear a lace or a delicate shrug.

Extra arrangements:

If the wedding is held outdoors, then be prepared to wear a sleek thermal underwear. This would keep you warm. When reaching the reception venue you can change into stockings.


An appropriate footwear is very important for the bride as this would prevent the toes from getting numb. The bride can choose to wear plain white boots that would go well with the gown. In case if it’s not comfortable, then carry a pair of heels along and then after reaching the venue it be can change.

Warm Coat:

The temperature may drop drastically, therefore you would certainly need a warm coat. If you don’t want to spend in buying a coat for the occasion, then just wear one of your old coat and remove it before entering the venue.

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