Responsibilities of the Best Man at a Wedding

Though it’s an honour to be chosen as the best man, this designation comes with a couple of duties. To make yourself useful for the groom and at the wedding, there are a few duties that are expected from you. It’s important to be aware of your duties and live up to everyone’s expectations.

Who is the best man?

A best man is a person chosen by the groom and he has to assist the groom right from the day of the wedding preparations till the wedding day. Other than assisting the groom, the best man also has to be as a legal witness, therefore he had to be of a legal age.

Duties of the Best Man

  • During the wedding ceremony, the best man stands beside the groom along with other attendants.
  • The best man usually holds the wedding rings until it is time to exchange the rings and the vows.
  • The best man also accompanies the groom, bride and the maid of honor to sign as a witness for the legal documents.
  • After the ceremony is over, the best man along with the maid of honor follows right after the bride and groom down the aisle.
  • While exiting out from the church, the best man has to stand with the bride and groom along with the bridal party for the photos.
  • A few other duties include adjusting the grooms suit.
  • Attending meetings and wedding rehearsals before the wedding.
  • The best man also has to give moral support to the groom and keep a check of all his appointments.
  • Being a best man, you are required to be patient and guide the couple from the exit to the reception venue.
  • Other than these main tasks, there would be other errands that you would be asked to do. So be prepared to carry out your responsibilities in a smooth manner.

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