Wedding Tips for Grooms

When it comes to preparing for a wedding, we generally consider things like the wedding attire, decorations, food and other such things. The most important thing is forgotten like taking care of yourself before the wedding. Today, even men are taking things seriously which means that other than the bride looking great, even the groom should be able to match up to the looks.

Wedding tips for the groom

Lose those extra pounds:

If you have gained those extra pounds, then it’s time you start working out atleast 11-12 weeks before your wedding. Go to the gym regularly and maintain a fixed routine till you find any changes.

Shaving tips:

Use a foam to shave instead of a cream. Make sure you use a new razor and lots of warm water while shaving. Shaving should not be against the direction of the hair growth.


To have a tanned look would be a good idea for your wedding. But there is a way to get that even tan. Therefore if you are not sure of how to get it done, then check with a beauty expert.

Don’t try new hairstyles:

Experimenting with new hairstyles is not a good idea on your wedding day. If you are very keen in try something different, then try this out a few months before your wedding so that you know what looks good.

Bad breath:

Having a bad breath is very unpleasant on your wedding day. If you are suffering from this problem, then check out a few neutralisers in the market that are available for bad breath. Go for a neutraliser that contains actizol which is very effective.


Sweating can be a big problem, especially if the it’s a summer wedding. To avoid patches of sweat wear loose clothes and opt for organic materials like cotton that can absorb the sweat easily.

Pedicure & Manicure:

If you have planned for a beach wedding, many grooms prefer going barefoot. For such reasons it’s advisable to get a pedicure. When it comes to your finger nails, you should also get a manicure done so that your nails looks clean and well groomed.


Facials are not restricted to only women, but even men go for it. If you think facials would be too much then go for regular clean ups a few months before your wedding. This would help you to have a clear and radiant skin.

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