2010 Wedding Trends

Wedding can be any way you wish to plan it. It can be held the traditional way and in the most trendiest way as well. Instead of having wedding in an old fashioned way try something that’s unique and different. Wedding that’s influenced by fashion, style and latest trends.

2010 Wedding Trends

Weddings at Backyard of the House- Many couples plan their wedding at home instead of having it at a venue. Planning a wedding at home brings in more of a personal touch to it. This would mean spending a little less on booking a venue. A backyard wedding can be a lot of fun. Even your guests would be at ease and feel at home.

Wedding Favors Made at Home

Wedding favors have always be a part of a wedding event. In 2010 trend, couples are concentrating in making the wedding more enjoyable by making home-made wedding favors. Home-made favors would have a personal touch and this would be the best way for the couple to express their love.

Birdcage Veils

It’s time to get rid of the monotonous look and try something different. The vinatge look is back in which the veils are attached with headpieces made of feathers or jewellery. The net covers only the face. This look adds more glamour to your look.

Different Styles of Bridesmaid Dresses

Since a very long time the trend of wearing similar bridesmaid dresses with similar pattern has been very common. The year 2010, have followed a different trend. Let the bridesmaid choose any color they want and get a design of their choice. This would relieve you from the tension of selecting a color and pattern and later the bridesmaid can even include it in their personal wardrobe.

Engagement for a Year

The standard trend of having an engagement and then the wedding after a year has been followed since a long time. A few couples still old trends. Planning a wedding in such a way involves positive and negative points. A long engagement period would help you to make all the arrangements possible and save enough to have a lavish wedding.

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