7 Tips for a No-Frill Wedding

You have suddenly decided to get married and this has happened so soon that you have not had enough time to make arrangements. In such a situation, you would panic and think of ways to make your wedding a success. Here are a few tips that would help you make your last minute preparations and have a successful wedding.

7 Tips for a Quick Wedding

Decide a Destination:

You would have some money saved so instead of planning for a grand wedding plan it the simple way. Decide a destination that’s away from home, a place where you would have some sweet memories. This would make your wedding special.

A Potluck:

After you are done with your small wedding ceremony, assign your guests the work of getting some delecasies. This would be like a small potluck and a time to mingle together.

Plan a Happy-Hour Reception:

Since you may not be left with sufficient money after spending on the basic things for the wedding, throw a reception party at your favourite bar to celebrate the occasion.

Gifts for Service:

Since the wedding is planned in such a rush that you would not have enough time to make preparations like booking your makeup artist, therefore lots of your friends and relatives would try to help you with the makeup and other wedding activities. This is the time to forgo the gifts from them and accept their services.

Wedding Gown:

For a wedding that is planned at the last moment, try and find an outfit that can be worn as a wedding gown. This would be a good idea as it would save your money and time in getting a traditions gown made.


The best way to save money is to send mails to your friends as wedding invitations. In this less time, this is the best you can think of. No one would be offended as they would know that all this has been planned in a rush.

Be flexible:

Having very little time to prepare for things, you need to be flexible with arrangements. Therefore, in this short time you need to make the best of what you have to have a successful and an enjoyble wedding.

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