How to Plan a Surprise Wedding

Planning a surprise wedding can be very exciting. It can be for the bride or groom or for family and friends. Before you actually go ahead planning it, there are a few things to consider like not missing out on family members so that you don’t hurt their sentiments. Wedding is a time to enjoy and celebrate, so plan a surprise to make it successful.

Planning for the Bride or Groom

Choose the day:

A wedding date can be planned any time. If you want to surprise your bride or groom it can be right after the engagement or after getting your marriage license.

Select a Location:

Choose a location for your surprise wedding. If you are out on a vacation, then you can choose a resort or a nice restaurant to get married.

Decide on the Surprise:

Many couples love giving surprises to each other. Bring a groom, you can surprise your bride by buying a beautiful wedding gown. Similarly, if you are the bride you can plan a black tie event, which requires the groom to be in tux.

Romantic Surprise:

You can plan a surprise just after the wedding for your spouse. It could be a romantic dinner in his/her favourite restaurant or a romantic night in the room.

Involving Others:

After getting married, if your spouse wants to invlove friends or family, then plan a nice party when you are back.

Surprise for Family and Friends

Number of Guests:

You and your spouse need to decide together for how many people you want to plan the suprise wedding. If the group is small, it’s easier to arrange. Send invitations for a small party or an engagement.


Now this would be the actual way of surprising your guests. Buy two outfits for the occasion, one for the party while you greet the guests and the other to change into tux and dress.


All you need to do is sneak quietly from the party. Change into your wedding gown and as the groom stands next to the official, let him/her make the announcement. As it is announced, you would enter the room in your wedding gown.

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