Creative Ways to Make Your Wedding Interesting

Every bride and groom would be looking for ways to make their wedding interesting and unique. Though you may not be able to implement many ideas in a church, planning a wedding outside would make things more flexible. Below are a few tips that would make your wedding special.

Ways to Make Your Wedding Interesting

Family & Friends Response-

The response can be planned after the bride and groom have exchanged the vows. The wedding response is a way to honour the presence of your guests. At an appropriate time the guests stand and they are asked if they support the couples wedding. They are then supposed to respond, ”We Will” when the ceremony is done.

Sand Ceremony-

Usually lightning the candle is a popular ceremony in most weddings. But this may not be possible as the light may be blown off because of the breeze. A substitute to this is the sand ceremony. In this, the bride and groom are given two separate containers fill with sand. The couple together pour the sand in a third contained. This ceremony symbolises the union of the couple. It is an interesting ceremony that can be incorporated in weddings.

Wine Ceremony-

The wine ceremony can be done in two ways. One way is that the couple would drink wine from the same cup, which symbolises unity and love for one another. The other way would be the couple would fill wine in each others cup, but drink from their own cups. This means that they confirm their commitment for each other as well as retain their individuality by drinking from their own cup.

Rose Ceremony-

There are many ways to include the rose ceremony in a wedding. The traditional way that people follow is giving a rose bouquet to the bride and grooms mothers. This is a gesture of appreciation that the bride and groom feel for each others family. The other way is to exchange the roses between the bride and groom. This symbolises the first gift of love to each other.

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