Top Wedding Venues in Scotland

Scotland is a very spectacular place and planning a wedding here would be an amazing experience. This place is full of beautiful castles and breath taking scenery. Below is a list of some of the most romantic wedding venues. Out of these atleast one of them may surely appeal you.

Top Wedding Venues

Amhuinnsuldhe Castle-

This castle has a magnificent view as it is along the seaside. For couples who are looking for such a view for the wedding, this would be an ideal place. The castle has a staff who would assist you in making arrangements. Couples can hire the entire castle to have a private wedding. Perfect place for a dream wedding.

Balfour Castle-

The Balfour Castle is one of the most amazing castles in Scotland. This castle has a chapel where a couple can organise their wedding ceremony. This place is exclusively rented out to couples for weddings. The castle is surrounded by open land with tall trees. An ideal place for an intimate wedding.

Barony Castle-

The Barony castle is located in Edinburgh city. This castle was built in 1536 and is an ancient Scottish manor house. The castle has an area of 25 acres and is well maintained. It offers all the comforts and an ideal place for weddings. The most attractive feature of the Barony castle is that it has a four poster bedroom for the newly wed couples.

Blairquhan Castle-

The Blairquhan castle is one of the most stunning castle in Scotland. The best feature about this castle is that they have possessed all the orginal features of the castles. Many couples hire the entire castle for weddings. Most couples go for a package that includes dancers, pipers and a band. Though the castle is located in the countryside it is close to Glasgow, which makes it easy for guests to commute.

Dalhousie Castle-

This castle is very ancient and is way back from the 13th century. It is one of the most beautiful for a wedding venues in Scotland. Queen Victoria has also visited the Dalhousie castles in the past. It is said that the ghost of ”Lady Catherine visits the castle occasionally.

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