Different Types of Bridal Bouquets

A wedding day is a very important occasion for the bride and groom. Every bride would want her wedding attire to look special. Since there are various types of bridal bouquets, a bride can choose a bouquet that suits her style. A bouquet should be unique so that it enhances the look of the bride. Below are a few different types of bridal bouquets.

Types of Bridal Bouquet

Posy Bouquet-

The posy bouquet is small and round in shape. It can be easily carried around in one hand. There are two types of posy bouquets: In this the bouquet is loose and it is hand tied whereas the other is made formally. In the formal one the stems are taken out and it is tied with florists wires so that it’s easy to hold.

Nosegay Bouquet-

This is a round and a small bouquet that is made of herbs and flowers. As compared to other bouquets, it is much greener. The Nosegay bouquet was a fashion from the 80s. This bouquet was popularly used by bridesmaids and flower-girls. It has now been modernised with organza and satin ribbons.

The Biedermeier Bouquet-

The Biedermeier originated in Switzerland in the 1800 century. Each colored flower is placed in a circular pattern. These flowers are tightly put together and lemon and orange peels are a part of the bouquet to enhance the fragrance. Since a lot of contrast of colors are used in the bouquet, it is gaining popularity.

Tussy-Mussy Bouquet

– This bouquet has been very popular in France since the 18th century. The Tussy-Mussy is a cone that could be made of silver, gold, cobalt glass, plastic and porcelain. To make it look attractive, you can tie satin or lace ribbons.

The Fan Bouquet-

The fan bouquet is a style from the 80s. It has become very popular because of its unique shape and is often used for vintage weddings. It is made using a piece of plastic which is cut in the shape of a fan. A piece of lace is attached to the edges. Flowers used were baby’s breath and carnations with lots of ribbons.

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