How to Create the Perfect Wedding Candy Buffet

Making arrangements for a wedding can be very interesting, especially planning a wedding buffet. There can be many ways of creating an interesting buffet. Planning a candy buffet is a unique idea. You can put in a lot of creativity in it. Here are different types of candies that can be used for a wedding candy buffet.

Ideas for A Perfect Wedding Candy Buffet

Old Fashioned Candy-

There are many candies that you would have eaten as a kid. For example candy cigarettes and wax lips. These are known as old fashioned candies as they are still popular from the 70s and 80s.

Online Candy Store-

To get different kind of candies, you can even shop at online candy stores. You would be amazed to know the variety of candies available and at a reasonable price.

Edible Wedding Favors-

Try the new concept of giving away edible wedding favors. These are a favorite of many guests. You can wrap the candies in gift wrappers and place them on every table. Cookies, mints and candy bars are some amazing edible wedding favors.

Jelly Candies-

Jelly candies are available in many food stores. They also come in different favors and colors. So you have variety of options to choose from. You can arrange the jelly candies in a creative way on the buffet table.

Chrome Candy Scoop-

The Chrome Candy Scoop is available in a few candy stores. These candies are used in decorating the wedding tables. Since they are packet in cute baskets, they look really attractive.

Bulk Candy-

These candies are available in 2800 varieties. The come in different shapes and sizes.
People can also place orders and specify the different favors they would need. Use different candy jars to fill them and make the wedding candy buffet look attractive by arranging a few flowers.

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