2010’s Most Popular Wedding Hair Accessories

Wedding is a very special day for the bride and groom. Every bride would want to give more attention to her wedding attire. A wedding attire doesn’t include only the dress but also the hair accessories along with other things. Wedding hair accessories are an important part of the wedding attire. These days there are many stylish hair accessories available for a bride to choose from.

Most Popular Wedding Hair Accessories for 2010

Barrettes, Hair Clips and Pins:

These wedding hair accessories were used to keep the hair intact. Since a few years, these have become very popular because of their unique styles. No matter what theme you choose, you would surely find hair accessories to go well with your wedding attire. A few popular styles include dragonflies, ladybugs, butterflies and angels.
The year 2010, has popular styles that have been incorporated in the form of feathers, huge flowers and even fabrics like satin and organza.

Bridal Tiaras:

Earlier, tiaras were strictly used by the royals. Tiaras have be a part of a vintage and royal wedding hair accessories. Today, tiaras are available in different shapes, sizes and styles which would suit every brides taste.
You can also use different flowers or studded stones to brighten your look. Many brides love to make their own tiaras by combining unique pieces of beads, flowers and precious stones.

Jewelled Headbands and Combs:

Headbands and combs are similar to barrettes and hair clips as they keep the intact. Other than keeping the hair in its place, they also enhance the beauty of the bride’s hair. Combs that are studded with gemstones, can be on one side of the head or on both sides. Headbands that are thin or broad wound with flowers, ribbons or stones also look stylish.

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