7 Great Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Wedding flowers and bouquet form an integral part of a wedding ceremony. They also form the best accessory for the bride. There are many options to choose from- roses, lilies, orchids and the list goes on and on. We give you some ideas for the wedding bouquet which you can opt for.


Multicolored bouquet:

An assimilation of a variety of flowers will add that extra color to an already colorful day. Orange, green, purple, yellow and of course, white will lift up the spirits. It will be a striking contrast to the white wedding gown.


Dark pink and white roses:

White roses touched with dark pink will bring out the white of the wedding gown. The bouquet tied with a light pink or a bright pink lace will add a dramatic touch to an ordinary arrangement. You may sprinkle some baby’s breath for the volume.


Red and green combination:

Nothing looks as good as red and green against the virgin white of the wedding gown. This unique arrangement will add glamor to the dress. Use red roses and orange roses only to keep up with the theme of red and green.


White and purple bouquet:

Purple is the color of the royalty and the bride is no less than a princess on her wedding day. The purple and white flower bouquet will surely catch the attention of all the guests. You can use light purple flowers instead of the white roses.


All yellow roses:

A bunch of only yellow roses with baby’s breath will go well with the white dress. You can tie a huge bright yellow ribbon at the base to break the monotony of a single flower bouquet.

wedding bouquet6

The virgin white roses:

Who can go wrong with an all white rose bouquet? They look beautiful against the green leaves added to the white roses. You can replace the white roses with any other white flower.


Bunch of orange tulips:

Be a unique bride and carry orange tulips. They will be different, amazing and will match the dress perfectly. If orange is not your color, go for any other color tulips. The effect will be the same.

Use these wedding bouquet ideas to pick the one which suits your personality the most!!!

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