Hollywood’s Top 10 Wedding Movies

They made you cry, laugh, sigh and completely fall in love with weddings. Some of the most romantic movies in Hollywood have been the wedding movies. We give you a list of some such movies.

Hollywood’s Top 10 Wedding Movies


My Best Friend’s Wedding(1997)

The story-

Julianne falls in love with her best friend the moment he tells her that he is about to get married. What follows is Julianne’s frantic efforts to break the marriage.


Four Weddings and a Funeral(1994)

The story-

The plot revolves around Charles and his friends when they attend four weddings and a funeral. Will they find true love and marry is the gist of this British comedy.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding(2002)

The story-

A Greek girl falls in love with a non-Greek and all hell breaks lose. Will they get married or her big fat Greek family will come in their way?


Father of the Bride (1991)

The story-

George Banks’ 21-year-old daughter has decided to get married. Like any father, George cannot come to terms with the fact that his darling daughter will leave him.


The Bachelor(1990)

The story-

Jimmie, a commitment-phobic, is forced to get married to inherit a huge fortune in a short span of time. Will he, won’t he?


The Wedding Planner(2001)

The story-

Mary Flore is an ambitious wedding planner. She, quite literally, falls for a handsome man. The only hitch is that she is the wedding planner for his wedding.


27 Dresses(2008)

The story- Jane has been a bridesmaid all through her life. Her biggest challenge is to be her kid sister’s bridesmaid when she marries the guy whom Jane loves.


Bride Wars(2009)

The story- Two best friends turn into the worst rivals when they have to share their wedding ceremony at the same place- The Plaza.


Runaway Bride(1999)

The story-

Graham, a New York columnist, gets fired for publishing an article on Maggie, the runaway bride, without a proper research. He makes it his agenda to set the record straight.


The Wedding Date(2005)

The story-

Kat Ellis, a single woman, hires an escort to pose as her beau at her kid sister’s wedding. She does all this to save herself from confronting her ex-fiancé who dumps her.

We are sure these wedding movies will make you ready to walk the aisle.

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