North Indian Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Wedding in any tradition is a time to formalize the union and celebrate the togetherness.. Similarly, Hindu wedding ceremony is an elaborate affair. Since India is a vast country with umpteen diversities, the weddings too are different for different areas. This article briefly explains the main North Indian Hindu wedding customs and traditions.

North Indian Hindu Wedding Ceremony

  • The ceremony starts with the arrival of the groom and his family to the wedding venue or bride’s home. He usually arrives on a horse to take away his bride. This procession is full of dance, music, songs and revelry.
  • The groom is received by the bride’s mother who welcomes him by applying vermilion (kumkum) on the groom’s forehead.
  • The groom and his family then proceeds towards the wedding stage (mandap)
  • The groom occupies his place on the stage and waits for the bride. The wedding ceremony is commenced by the priest.
  • The bride finally arrives, escorted by her maternal uncle or a male member of the family.
  • The bride and groom sit on the stage facing each other.
  • The priest chants the hymns (mantras) and invokes the Gods to shower their blessings on this holy union.
  • Bride’s parents wash the groom’s feet and apply turmeric and vermilion on them. This way they formally gave away their daughter to the groom.
  • The groom garlands the bride and vice versa.
  • Now they both exchange the rings as a symbol of their never-ending union.
  • The couple now sit beside each other. The girl puts her hand on the boy’s hand. The brother of the bride put rice which they both put into the holy fire.
  • pheras

  • The couple takes the wedding vows by going around the fire seven times.
  • The groom ties the holy thread (mangalsutra) around the bride’s neck. He also puts vermilion on the center parting of the bride.
  • This usually marks the end of the ceremony and the couple feed each other sweets.

Depending upon the region, the Hindu wedding ceremony keeps changing.

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