Wedding Announcement Etiquette- How to Tell the World!

So, you both have finally walked down the aisle. And you are dying to share this wonderful news with your friends and family. Wedding announcement forms an integral part of the wedding. It is a printed card, announcing the marriage of the couple. In doing so, it helps to follow some basic wedding announcement etiquette. There are many questions which linger in the minds of the people regarding the announcement of the marriage. This article answers some of the basic queries on how to tell the world about your big day.

Questions related to the wedding announcement etiquette

What is the purpose of wedding announcement?

Sending a marriage announcement is absolutely optional. It is usually done in case of small weddings or when the couple eloped and got married. If the couple want to inform about their marriage to someone who was not invited, they could do so by sending an announcement.

Who makes the announcement?

According to the formal wedding announcement etiquette, it is made by the parents of the bride. Although, more and more couples are sending it themselves these days.

When to send the wedding announcement?

A wedding announcement is usually sent immediately after the wedding. It is never sent before the wedding ceremony.

What should be the format?

The format of the marriage announcement is similar to the invitation. It should include the full names of the bride and the groom, the wedding date (spell out the date and the year), the location and the message. It is usually printed on a white paper with golden letters. It is absolutely fine to include the couple’s picture for the personal touch.


How to address the envelop?

Like the wedding invitations, the announcements should also be handwritten. You may even hire a calligrapher to do the needful.

Is it expected to send gifts when one receives the marriage announcement?

A marriage announcement is just to announce the marriage. One need not send any gifts unless one wishes to.

A sample wedding announcement wording

Announcement by the parents
Mrs. and Mr. Banks
are pleased to announce the marriage of
Pamela Banks
Mr. Christopher Willis
on the Saturday, the second of August
two thousand and ten
at The Plaza, New York

Keep the above mentioned wedding announcement etiquette in mind when sending them out.

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