Beach Wedding Cakes on the Shore

You are planning to hold a beach wedding and the idea sounds fabulous. Keeping with the theme, beach wedding cakes would do full justice to the ceremony. They would add more color and style to your wedding. All you need is a little creativity to get the best wedding cake, perfect for a beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Cake Ideas


Tropical flowers

Beach wedding are incomplete without the tropical flowers. If you could add tropical flowers to the cake, it would be lovely. They can be in cascades or bouquets. Let the cake designer make edible flowers and decorate the wedding cake.



A wedding on the beach should have seashells. The best part is they can be creatively incorporated in the wedding cakes. You can make the seashells with marzipan, icing or molded chocolate. Seashells on the beach wedding cakes is an ideal choice.


Sea life

Your wedding cake can also depict the sea life or sea creatures. A perfect eco-friendly tribute to our underwater friends. How about placing tasty dolphins, oysters, star fish, sea stars etc., on the cake? It will complement the theme and look amazing.



An elaborate sandcastle would be very unique. To give a natural touch to the castle, you can use the brown sugar. You can either place a motif of a sandcastle or make an edible one.



A mythical creature like a mermaid will add a touch of mystery to the wedding. With a few common ingredients one can make a delicious, enchanting mermaid. We are sure guests would get hooked on to the wedding cake.

Other beach wedding cake ideas

You can adorn your cake with the following:

  • a scenic lighthouse
  • an inlet
  • palm trees
  • yacht
  • boats
  • waves

Just put on your thinking cap and let your imagination go wild to get the perfect beach wedding cake.

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