Wedding Venues in France- Truly a French Connection!!!

Romance and France are synonymous. No wonder every couple would like to tie the knot in these amazing wedding venues in France. Be it the French countryside of Vence or the contemporary streets of Paris, France has it all. So, if you want a fairytale wedding, you know where you should be heading to.


3 Amazing Wedding Venues in France

Loire Valley- Château de Challain

Loire Valley is known as the garden of France and is bathed in the romantic splendor. The ancient landscape of the place and its umpteen Châteaux will transport you into another world. Château de Challain comprises of four remarkable decorated suites. It provides relaxing salon, sumptuous cuisines and well-manicured gardens. Perfect ingredients for a castle wedding. The private chapel at the Château will give a personal touch. After the festivities, you can retire to the romantic suite adorned with glowing candle, flower petals and rich fabric.

Vence- The Château du St. Martin

If you are the one who wants an intimate wedding then Vence is the place for you. This small French division lies in South-Eastern France. The Château du St. Martin gives a personal touch to the weddings. All the 32 suites are immaculately decorated with timeless antiques and luxury fabrics. They provide breathtaking view of the French countryside from the balcony. 30 acres of garden is a perfect ambiance for the most important day of your life. And not to forget the heated pool. The staff takes care of all the details of the ceremony so that you don’t have to do it.


Paris- Hotel Le Bristol

Oscar Wilde said, “When good Americans die, they go to Paris” He wasn’t wrong, Paris is, indeed heavenly. And if you have decided to get married in this heaven then Hotel Le Bristol should be your destination. It is one of the most beautiful hotels of Paris since 1925. It spells of the true Parisian refinement and elegance. The fantastic suites, rooftop pool and the view of the entire capital city is what makes this hotel truly special. Rest assured, they are trained to organize sophisticated weddings.

Cote d’Azur- Le Mas Candille

Cote d’Azure is the French Riviera near Cannes. Its coastline is thronged by the tourists throughout the year. If you could afford a wedding in the lap of luxury then head straight to Le Mas Candille. This spa hotel is surrounded by olive groves and cypress trees, making it one of the sought-after wedding venues in France.. The hotel provides stylish rooms, Shiseido spa and pools to make your big day an enriching experience.

So, go ahead and choose one of these wedding venues in France and make your day magical in every sense.

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