Indian Wedding Jewelry- In Royal Splendor!!!

Indian brides are known for their elegant wedding dresses and exquisite jewelry. The Indian wedding jewelry is an elaborate affair. The jewelry is usually made of gold and precious stones. For Indians less is definitely not more. The shopping for the perfect embellishments starts months before the D-day. And the end result is a truly spectacular bride. Mission accomplished!


The neck piece and the earrings

The neckpiece and the matching earrings are usually very elaborate and are made of gold. They complement bride’s outfit and make her look truly royal.

Finger rings (Anguthi)

In Indian wedding the rings are not very important. The bride wears the wedding/ engagement ring. It is a personal choice to wear more than that.

Nose ring (Nath)

Nose ring is an important part of the woman’s wedding accessories. The nose ring can either be a stud or a ring with a long chain hooked to the hair.

Toe ring (Bichua)

Silver toe rings adorn the toes of the bride. They are also very essential part of the Indian wedding jewelry.


Bangles (Chudi)

Bangles are a mark of a married woman in India. The hands of the bride are full of colorful glass bangles and the gold ones too.

Anklet (Payal)

Thick anklets in silver or gold are worn by the woman on her ankles.

Waist band (Kamarbandh)

A belt-like band was used to keep the wedding dress in place in the past. This heavy piece of jewelery is optional these days.

Arm bands (Baajubandh)

Like the waist band, the arm band is also an individual choice. It is a band on the upper arm of the woman.

Maang tika

A maang tika is a long chain with a center piece on one end and a hook on the other. It is adjusted on the center parting of the hair in such a way that the centerpiece falls on the forehead.

Besides these, the bride might also put on other Indian wedding jewelry to resemble a quintessential Indian princess.

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