6 Honeymoon Tips for the Bride- Get Closer!!!

Honeymoon is the period when the couple would like to know each other as man and wife. It becomes necessary to make the most of it. The bride too needs to put in effort to make this time away from the world truly a wonderful experience. Some honeymoon tips for the bride will make her do the needful and be a winner before her man.

Visual stimulation:

Men are very visual creatures. So, be the enchantress that you always wanted to be. Plan your budget and splurge on some sexy lingerie. Do not tell him about it. Let him anticipate. Aim for looking classic not trashy. The best way to achieve this is to indulge in some pre-wedding beauty regimen. It is advised that the couple should spend a certain amount of time apart say six months (sexually) to give the honeymoon an edge. During this time as a bride you can start whole body skin care to ensure a glowing skin and an exercise routine to touch up whatever needs work. After six months, you will surely look like a goddess to your new husband.

Live the fantasy:

If you haven’t tried to enact each other’s fantasies then honeymoon is the right time to do so. Be open to things as long as they do not make you uncomfortable. A little flexibility on your part will surely help your partner, nothing is off limits and do not be afraid to be playful. Before the wedding, you can each make a list of the things you want to try out in the bedroom and pass it on to each other, this will give time to each partner to consider what is being asked of them, do some background research and be ready for the big day.

Communicate with your man:

Many women blame men for not satisfying them. The truth is that each woman is unique. So, she needs to know what pleases her and communicate it to her partner. Men find it very arousing when a woman guides them and please do not be critical but rather use positive enforcement. Honeymoon is not just the time to make love but also to share. Talk about your future together, challenges to face and how to deal with life ahead. Since both of you will be relaxed, you will be able to respect each other’s opinions.

Embrace change:

This is for those who have been having sex with their partners already, you may have already established a rhythm that works for you, but this will eventually create boredom. Be willing to change up your sex styles and positions to keep things interesting, try out new techniques and you will be surprised what much more is waiting for you. It may be awkward and weird at first but take in stride, have a laugh and move on to something else. Sometimes upsetting the order of things is not a bad thing, it will surely give you a honeymoon experience you will never forget.

Leave expectations at the door:

This is for virgins who have been saving themselves for their marriage. Whatever expectations you have about how sex is like should be left behind. The first time is different for every individual and your experience is not likely to be the same as someone else’s. Another reason is expectations tend to lead to disappointments that as a beginner you are not equipped to deal with. Also do not be frustrated if things are awkward at first, everyone is born a virgin and with practice you will get good at it too. So indulge yourself as much as you please and soon enough you will be good at it.


Things do go wrong in honeymoon. Be prepared for it. Co-operate with your man. He will appreciate it. Do not grudge and nag about something which didn’t go as per the plan. Find positivity in the negative circumstances. Blaming your new husband is not going to make the situation better and will simply antagonize it. You do not want to remember your honeymoon as the worst point of your marriage or worse still come back from it screaming divorce.

Hope these honeymoon tips for the bride will help you get closer to your partner and share an everlasting union. It is wise to remember not to be too expectant of the wedding night as you will both be quite tired and may not be up to the job. Do not worry, simply go to sleep and the next day feeling fully rejuvenated you can start out as you mean to go. And unless you are trying to get pregnant, please take some form of contraception with you.

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