Honeymoon Destinations in Italy- A Roman Holiday

Italy is every romantic’s dream come true. Honeymoon destinations in Italy are full of artistic splendor, relaxed atmosphere, seasides resorts etc. It is an ideal getaway from the chaotic din of life and spend some quality time with your beloved.

Honeymoon Destinations in Italy



Italy’s floating jewel, Venice is a perfect lover’s paradise. Imagine yourself taking a gondola ride at midnight or just getting lost into each other on Accademia Bridge. Luxury or economic- Venice offers romance to anyone and everyone. Not to forget being serenaded by a gondolier. How romantic!!!



You will be transported to the Medieval world just by taking a walk on the streets of this Eternal city. Rome spells tradition, magnificence, artistic grandeur. Admire the fountains or visit the palazzi or just stroll over the Tiber. You will never get bored of this capital city.



The countryside resort or hotel in Puglia is what every honeymooner needs to get away from the rest of the world. Puglia is fast becoming one of the popular honeymoon destinations in Italy. The little white-washed houses, olive groves and the simple atmosphere will remind you of fairy-tales.


Amalfi coast:

The laid-back feel of the coast is hard to resist. The mesmerizing view of the sea from the hotel balcony is what makes Amalfi coast a honeymoon retreat. The luxury villas and resorts will cater to your luxury needs. The boat ride will add a dramatic touch to your vacation.



This beautiful region lies in Tuscany. It offers many cultural and archaeological options to the travelers. You can spend the whole day admiring the monuments, museums or paintings, frescos etc. Isn’t the idea tempting?



It is a large island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Sardinia is ideal for you if you prefer a quiet seaside, beaches and fishing villages. This Italian region will give you many amazing views of the coastline and the fishing villages.

Choose any one of the honeymoon destinations in Italy and make your vacation a truly Rom(e)antic one!!!

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