Polish Wedding Traditions- “Poles” Apart or Together?

Wedding traditions and customs are as diversified as the world itself. Polish wedding traditions are equally romantic and sentimental. From the braided bride to the Sto Lat Toast all have a specific meaning. Let us open ourselves to some beautiful wedding traditions from Poland.

Polish Wedding Traditions


Polish crown:

The village folks weave a rosemary crown for the bride as a symbol of remembrance.

Bread,salt and wine:

The bride and the groom are asked to have:
bread- never to go hungry
salt- to overcome bitter moments in life
wine- to enjoy sweet moments

Silver coin:

The couple holds a silver coin in their right hand which signifies that they will never be in financial crisis.

Paid dance:

The guests can buy a dance with the bride by pinning money onto her veil or tucking it in her purse.

Sto Lat toast:

A Polish toast, Sto Lat, is sung by the family and guests. It means 100 years of health and prosperity for the newlyweds.

Lucky drink:

It is considered lucky for the Polish bride to drink a glass of wine without spilling even a drop of it.

The veil task:

The bride’s mother usually places the veil on her daughter before the ceremony. This signifies her last duty as a mother before her daughter gets married.

Circle of veil:

One of the Polish wedding traditions is the the “unveiling” of the bride. The guests circle around the bride and her mother takes off her veil. This announces that the bride has entered womanhood.

Giving away the veil:

The bride gives her bridal veil to the Maid of Honor or the bridesmaid. This will bring them good luck to get married soon.

Braided bride:

The night before the big day, the bride’s mother and her female relatives would undo the single maidenly braid. The hair is then braided into two. This symbolizes the new journey of the bride after marriage.


A loaf of bread is kept on a table. The bride and the groom are asked to join the hands over it. An uncle or a male relative binds their hands with a beautiful embroidered cloth. Then he blesses the couple. It is a sign of togetherness forever.

These Polish wedding traditions cannot keep the “Poles” apart, can they???

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