Maid of Honor Responsibilities and Duties

Since the maid of honor is the main single female attendant of the bride, she has to perform important duties. One of the chief maid of honor responsibilities is to provide moral support to the bride. She has to be a shoulder to lean on, lend a patient ear and give a helping hand. An excellent maid of honor makes the wedding planning and the wedding day a truly memorable event. And she doesn’t remind you of Julia Roberts in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”!!!

Wedding Planning- Maid of honor responsibilities


  • To assist the bride to select the perfect wedding dress.
  • To help the bride select the wedding flowers and the decorations.
  • To visit the venue and give her honest opinion about it.
  • To shop for the dresses for the bridesmaids.
  • To ensure the dresses of the bride and the bridesmaid are ordered well in advance.
  • To address the wedding invitations.
  • To throw the bridal shower.
  • To buy and send out the invitations for the bridal shower.
  • To make a note of the gifts during the bridal shower.
  • To help in making the guest favors.
  • To arrange for the bachelorette party.
  • To attend the rehearsal dinners.
  • To purchase a wedding gift for the couple.

Wedding Day- Maid of honor responsibilities

  • To decorate the wedding venue or supervise.
  • To help the bride get ready for the big day.
  • To receive or pick up the flowers.
  • To give away the bouquets to everyone.
  • To ensure that everyone is right on time.
  • To adjust the train and the bride’s veil when she is about to walk down the aisle.
  • To hold the bride’s wedding bouquet during the ceremony.
  • To witness the marriage license.
  • To assist the bride to the restroom.
  • To give away the gift to the groom in case the bride wants her to.
  • To give the maid of honor toast or speech.
  • To have the first dance with the best man.

These are some of the maid of honor responsibilities. No matter what happens the MoH should remain cool, calm and collected to deal with goof-ups.

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