Wedding Gift Ideas for Sister

Sisters make life beautiful by their presence. Her wedding is the perfect time to tell her how much you love her and what she means to you. Some wedding gift ideas for sister will help you decide what to give her. It doesn’t matter if she is your elder sister or the younger one. What really matters is that the gift should be practical as well as sentimental.


Made Just For Her

Hand-made gifts are any day better than the bought ones. They have a personal and warm touch to them. You can buy something and decorate it or put something together yourself. It is the effort, emotions and love that counts. Some hand-made wedding gift ideas for sister are:

  • A photo frame with her and your picture together/ her and her husband’s picture would also be great.
  • A scrapbook of all the old memories will be very sentimental.
  • A poem written by you for your sister. You can frame it also in silver frame.
  • A quilt or pillow made by you with the couple’s name.

Straight from the heart

Something sentimental for your sister seems to be a great idea. It will surely touch her heart and bring you both closer than before. Some ideas for sentimental gifts are:


  • Personalized photo frames
  • Crystal sculptures with an engraved personal message
  • Wine glasses with personalized message or love poem
  • A blanket with the names of the couple
  • A plaque with the names of the bride and groom attached to a candle holder to light it up

Other wedding gift ideas for sister

Some other gift ideas that would melt your sister’s heart are:

  • An apron for her if she loves cooking
  • Spa treatment for the couple
  • Luxurious bath products
  • Tickets to the couple’s favorite concert or game

These wedding gift ideas for sister will surely make her day a memorable one!!!

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