Top 5 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

You have finally decided to propose. But the biggest problem that comes after making up your mind is buying an engagement ring. It will be the most important ring for your partner and also very sentimental. You don’t want her to poke you with her remarks about the ring all through your married life, do you? So, be careful while choosing it.

Tips for buying an engagement ring


Don’t get swayed away:

Remember one thing, the cost of the ring is not a measure of your love. Do not let the salesperson of the store cloud your judgment. Go for the ring that is within your budget. It is entirely up to you how much you want to spend.

Do your homework:

Decide what you want and collect the right information. Choose whether you want a white gold or platinum/ traditional or antique etc. You can get all the information about diamond, rings, stores, quality etc from the Internet.

Decide upon the shape:

It pays to decide beforehand the shape of the diamond you desire. Oval, round, square, marquis etc., which one you want. Browse the Internet for help.


Setting of the ring:

Decide whether it is going to be classic solitaire or with other precious stones. Setting is as important as the diamond itself.

Plan ahead:

It will be a great idea to plan in advance when you decide on buying an engagement ring. Take opinion of your friends and family. Go for a quality jeweler so that you get authentic jewelry. Do not forget to get the ring insured to be on safe side.

Go ahead and use these tips for buying an engagement ring which your sweetheart will cherish forever. Don’t forget that proposal should be as romantic as your ring. Make her feel like a princess!!!

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