Wedding Bouquet Throwing Tips: What a Catch!!!

The throwing away of the wedding bouquet by the bride is one of the most awaited customs in the ceremony. Therefore, one must follow some simple wedding bouquet throwing tips to make it more fun. The custom requires the bride to turn her back to all the single female guests and throw her bunch of flowers. It is believed that the one who catches the bouquet will be the next one to get married. So, there is a big fight about who gets to catch it. Keep a few things in mind to make this event a fun-filled activity.

Wedding Bouquet Throwing Tips


  • Check the guest list and see how many single females are on it. If the number is more then bouquet tossing would be a lot of fun.
  • Choose a tossing of the bouquet song. Something to do with independent, single women. Let all the single females get on the dance floor for the big throw.
  • You can also combine the garter tossing with bouquet throwing. Announce that guests who catch the garter and the bouquet will have to dance together.
  • In case you have decided to preserve your wedding bouquet then arrange for another one to be tossed. Let the second bouquet be robust so that the flowers don’t break in the fight.
  • Ask your florist if they provide an extra flower bunch to be thrown away.
  • Practice throwing something of the same weight. You don’t want the bouquet to land at your feet on the big day.
  • Let the party be in full swing and then conduct this custom.
  • Make sure that the guests are not too drunk. Else they might start fighting over the bouquet and that might ruin the party spirit.
  • Do not aim the bouquet at any specific person. Instead just throw it in the middle of the circle of females.

Wedding bouquet throwing is an entirely individual choice. But many feel that this sweet tradition adds a touch of fun to the ceremony.

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