Brazil Wedding Ceremony Tradition- Fun Unlimited!!!

Brazil not only has loud music, lovely beaches and football but also has equally vibrant wedding ceremony traditions. The Brazilian traditions are a healthy blend of various races. The weddings are an occasion of fun and gaiety. The vast cultural heritage of Brazil makes the ceremony a truly memorable event. With lip-smacking food, Samba
dance, and breathtaking view, what more can one ask for???

Brazil Wedding Ceremony Traditions

• With 94% of the population being Roman Catholic, most ceremonies take place in a church in the traditional Roman Catholic service/mass.

• The bride should never arrive at the venue before the groom. She should be at least 10 minutes late. This is supposed to bring good luck.

• Instead of numbering the dinner tables, they are given the names of the different cities of Brazil.

• During the reception, the bride is expected to take off her shoes and put those in the middle of the dance floor, where guests will then put the gifts they have for the couple.

• The wedding ceremony traditions in Brazil also include the Pagoda dance, a form of Samba.

• The Brazilian groom has to tame a donkey which is unbridled to prove his prowess. The custom is known as Bumba- Meu- Boi. He will then be considered able to make a responsible and worthy husband for the bride.

• The groom is supposed to carry his bride inside the house or hotel room with his right foot first.

• Capirinha, a Brazilian drink, is served to the guest along with casadinhos (Brazilian cookies) at the wedding.

• Groomsmen pin or carry Brazilian flag instead of the usual flowers.

• A Portuguese prayer is said at the wedding. The national anthem or the Brazilian song is sung to mark the auspicious occasion.

• It is considered bad omen if the groom sees the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding ceremony.

• If the couple should drop their wedding bands or ring during the ceremony, it is believed that the marriage would be doomed.

• The bridesmaid and the groomsmen are chosen from the wedding guests at the time of the ceremony. It is usually already other married couples with 3 couples on either side of the bride and groom.

• It is important to sign the marriage license soon after the ceremony.

• The parents give and receive gifts to and from the newlywed couple.

• And finally, unlike the rest of the world that obsesses about the dress code of the bridal party, in Brazil this is not an issue for them. Usually the bride will just hire rather than purchase a gown and sometime not at all. The rest of the wedding party can wear what they choose as long as it is classy and tasteful.

These wonderful Brazil wedding ceremony traditions make it extremely fun-filled and entertaining as the country itself!!!

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