Turkish Wedding Traditions- A Colorful Event!!!

Turkey is a country of vast culture and rich arts. Turkish wedding traditions and customs are equally colorful and vibrant. The ancient weddings used to take place for 40 days and nights. However, the present day wedding ceremony is shorter. The traditions vary from one region to the other. Different social groups also have different customs and traditions.

First things first, if a couple decides that they are ready to get hitched, it is the responsibility of the groom to be and his family to start off the wedding ceremony and all that surrounds it. The girl’s family is largely dormant and is not expected to actively seek to start off the association.

Turkish Wedding Traditions and Customs
• Once the man decides to marry a girl, he and his family visits the girl’s parents to formally seek their permission. Once they give the nod, the wedding preparation starts.

• The groom’s family offers many gifts to the bride’s family.

• The elders from the bride’s side make a list of things required for the wedding which is passed on the village alderman. He gives it to the groom’s family. The occasion is marked by a small tea party.

• The groom’s family has to bear all the expenses of the wedding.

• The bride’s friends hide her and the groom’s relatives have to find her. The friends are bribed with small gifts for the information.

• In Anatolia region, 18 year old boys and 16 year old girls are eligible for marriage. The boy’s family visits the girl’s house to see the girl. Later, the girl’s family do the same. After everyone’s approval the wedding preparation starts.

• In the Turkish wedding tradition, two ceremonies take place – civil and religious. The religious wedding ceremony takes place at the bride’s house a week before the civil one. It is witnessed by all the relatives and friends.

• The wedding ceremony is carried out for three days and nights, starting on Friday and ending on Sunday.

• The henna ritual (applying henna on the palm) is performed among lot of gaiety and fan fare the night before the wedding.

• The news of wedding is conveyed to the entire village by beating the drums.

These Turkish wedding traditions make the ceremony truly entertaining and worth attending.

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