5 Beach Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Asian countries are fast gaining popularity among tourists. There are many

Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

which provide exotic locales, colorful culture and friendly people to make the most of your time together. Be it the beautiful beaches of Bali or the rich cultural journey of India, Asia has it all. So, come and discover the paradise on Earth.

5 Beach Honeymoon Destinations in Asia



Have you ever seen a place with clear blue water, bright green plantation and crystal white sand? Well, then you haven’t been to Maldives. This island nation in the Indian Ocean is definitely worth visiting. You can just laze around on the beach or go for some water adventure. Maldives will surely make you fall in love again.


The mystic aura of India makes it ideal Asian honeymoon destination. India has everything- snow-covered hill stations, sandy beaches, ancient cities, dense forest. The beaches of Goa are a world of their own. Besides this, there is rich Indian culture, art and architecture which would be a remarkable experience for all of us.

Beach Honeymoon Destinations in Asia


One of the Indonesian islands, Bali is one of the popular

Beach Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

. Its virgin beaches is what attract the people from all over the world. The luxurious resorts and the warm hospitality of the Bali people will touch your heart. This place is also full of architectural genius and unparalleled natural beauty.

Honeymoon Destinations in Asia


Thailand provides a diverse experience. The never-ending beaches, lip-smacking Thai cuisine and the adventure sports will give you the memories of a lifetime. You can even get a spa treatment or just stroll around in the streets of Bangkok. Such relaxed atmosphere is what the honeymooners look for.

Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Sri Lanka-

Sri Lanka is, indeed, an exotic treasure island of Asia. The sunny climate and breathtaking landscape will leave you speechless. Cascading waterfalls, underwater coral scrapes and wildlife sanctuaries- Sri Lanka has it all to surprise you.

So, surprise your better half with tickets to one of these

Beach Honeymoon Destinations in Asia.

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