Christian Wedding Vows Samples- Till Death Do Us Apart!!!

A wedding is an occasion where two people come together for lifetime. A promise made in front of the near and dear ones holds a special place and value. Therefore,

Christian Wedding Vows

are very important as the bride and the groom take an oath of commitment to each other. Usually, people like to write their own vows for the wedding. It gives a personal touch to the union. This article gives a few samples of Christian wedding vows. You can add your own emotions to them and make them your own. Sit together with the minister and discuss what you really want to promise to each other.

Christian Wedding Vows Samples


  • In the name of Jesus, I ____________ take you __________ to be my lawfully wedded (wife/husband). I shall be with you in health and sickness, in misery and joy, in prosperity and adversity. This I promise thee.
  • I _____________, promise my commitment, loyalty and sincerity to ______________, who I take as my (wife/husband) The day shall never come when my love for you will diminish. I will honor your goals and dreams and make them mine. This is my vow to you.
  • In the presence of God, family and friends, I ___________ give my word to ____________, soon to be my (wife/husband) I shall never go back on my responsibilities. I will love you every single day of our married life as I love you today.
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  • I ___________ love ____________ with all my heart and the day will not come when that love is not there. I take you as my (wife/husband) to cherish each moment with you. This holds true for tough times as well as the peaceful ones.
  • I__________ pledge my support to _____________ in all our endeavors. I don’t want anything more than to take you as my (wife/husband). We shall be together in our fortunes and misfortunes, our love growing stronger with each passing day.

We hope these Christian Wedding Vows Samples will help you write your own.

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