Beach Theme Wedding Invitations Ideas

If you plan to have a wedding on the beach then you need beach theme wedding invitations. And if you want to know some tips, read this article.

As you know, there are so many different styles in beach weddings. You can go for

pastel color

like many brides. Whatever you choose, it has to be reflected on your invitations.

For example, you can choose an invitation that includes

some beach pictures.

You can also add some

shells picture on the invitation

. Adding a picture of mermaid could be a good option too.


would look lovely on your invitation as well.

Would you like to hear more interesting ideas? Read on to know more. Besides paper invitations why don’t you do something more amazing?

Write the informations about wedding on a small paper and put them in a shell.

Here is your invitation.

If you still want to use paper invitations then change the shape of it.

Make it look like a shell or starfish and write information inside of it.

You can choose any shape about beach theme like

mermaid, a small raft, wharf

etc. Choose any item about beach and use for your invitations. All you have to do is be creative. Then you would get so many ideas.

We have one more suggestion for you. Write your invitation on a small paper, put them in small bottle like a message comes from sea. Consider the possibility of it being broken. Then you can use plastic bottles which look like glass. It would be lovely and very interesting. Also,

small figure of a ship

would look great on your invitations too.

With these beach theme wedding invitation ideas, you make everybody come to your wedding. Because, after they get these invitations, they would look forward to join your wedding.

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