Beautiful Hair Style Tips According to Your Wedding Dress

You decided about your wedding dress, chose your wedding place, music, ambiance etc. And you just got the last day. You have to go to the hair dresser. If you still try to decide about your hair style, in this article we mention about some beautiful hair style tips for wedding.

There are so many options for wedding dress. According to the type of your wedding dress, you should decide about your hair style. You cannot go for any hair style without considering your dress. You have to make a perfect combination for your most important day.

You have to get the harmony between your make up, hair style and dress.

If you wear a

wedding dress with sleeve

, you can go for a


. But it depends on the cape of your dress. If your dress has a cape then that topknot would be good choice.

If your dress has a


, you can go for a

dispersed knob

. You have to get the perfect harmony between your hair and the cape of your dress. Because, they are supposed to complete each other. If the cape of your dress covers you shoulder then you do not need to do that with your hair. But if you have dress that does not cover your shoulder then you should change your hairstyle. In this case, we suggest you to have a dispersed hair style. If you have dress like this, you absolutely should leave your hair. For this style, you can go for

big waves

. Just imagine that you only have your wavy hair on your shoulder.

According to the plainness of your dress, you can use some

pearls or flowers

to make your hairstyle more interesting. Some silver would be perfect on your topknot and dispersed knob. Remember, it is better if you use flower for wavy hair. You can put them on one of the side of your head.

All you have to do is know the beautiful hair style tips according to your wedding dress. Leave the rest to your hairdresser. After you put your dress on and finish your make up and hair, now you are ready to say yes. Have a nice wedding.

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