Some Tips to Save Money on Wedding

You decided to get married and have already started the preparations. I believe, you considered about your budget. Also it has to be the first thing that you need to pay more attention to. Because, if you do not plan your budget carefully and if you run out of money then you would have so many difficulties in planning your wedding. Remember, weddings are costly. And in this article we mention some tips to save money on wedding. The good thing is that you can use the money you saved from the wedding for another spending.

Here Are Some Tips to Save Money on Wedding

1.) Do not Increase Your Guest List

When you increase the number of the guests, then you increase your budget no doubt. Because, every extra guest means extra money to spend for food, seat and maybe transportation. If you have a wedding out of your hometown then it means that you have to pay for accommodation for some special guest. And if you get more guests then it is a extra spending for you. You should call your family members and relatives first and then your closest friends from work , college etc.

2.) Save Money from Invitations

If you try to send invitations to your all relatives and friends, you better know that it would be very costly. You should save postage to use that money for another cost. For the guest who lives far away from you, use the advantages of technology. You can call them or mail them. For the guest who lives in your hometown, you can invite them to the wedding by visiting and telling from the first person directly.

3.) Save Some Money on The Dress

The first option to save money on the dress is go for a second hand wedding dress. You might not want to get a second hand dress just because you think that they are not beautiful. But, they can be really fashionable and stylish. And you should think that you would wear that dress for once. So it doesn’t make any sense to spend a lot of money for a dress that is worn for once. Also, you can choose to go for a tailor instead of buying a new one. The other option is to buy the dress online from websites. Checking on E-bay can be another alternative for you.

4.) Change the Date of the Wedding

If you have your wedding in weekdays, it will be less costly. Because, there are some specific days for wedding so these days are more expensive.

5.) Save money on Decorations

You should go for cheap decoration materials like fake flowers. Also you can decorate your wedding place with cheap fabrics and tulles.

6.) Get Some Advice from Friends and Family

Try to learn if you have any friend who knows some people that you can call for your wedding like catering company or musicians. In this way, you can arrange them for a really less price.

7.) Get Cheap Food and Drinks

First think that you can do is not to have alcoholic drinks which are very expensive. Also, instead of a buffet you can go for starter of appetizers.

Nobody wants to have a wedding in debt. For this reason, you should be extra careful with your budget and you should have a control over your spending. In order to do so, all you have to do is follow the tips to save money on wedding.

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  1. I love your suggestions. very helpful. Hope I have a romantic wedding with less cost. :)

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