Some Ideas for Indian Wedding Decorations


Colors, flowers and shiny materials are the indispensable things of a Indian wedding. When you plan your wedding, if you decide to have colorful one then there is no better option then Indian wedding for you. It would be

colorful, amazing and gorgeous

. And you can get some ideas for Indian wedding decorations by reading this article.

The point of a Indian wedding hides behind the

main ceremony

. They start to plan this ceremony couple of days before the wedding and also it lasts for the first week after wedding as well. And they plan the decorations for every each day.

Generally, it include

three parts

which are pre wedding part, main wedding day part and post wedding part. And for the all parts, whole family members and friends are ready with their colorful dress and lovely accessories. The bride and the groom are behaved like king and queen.

Indian Wedding Decorations Tips

The main day has nothing less than a fairytale. The ceremony can happening a hotel in a outdoor place as well. You can change the combination according to the wedding place. But as we mention ed before there are some materials which are extremely indispensable for a Indian wedding like lighting and flowers.

Today, the decoration of Indian wedding is based on a Indian tradition and a piece of western culture. The area of the weeding is covered with a red cloth in general. And this area is called


. Also they prefer rose, jasmine and other colorful flowers to decorate the place.

There is also another idea which is tent is called


. And they have so many different style like




or ethnic style which can be changed according to the theme and style of the wedding.

This decoration style Shamianas is perfect for outdoor wedding. And, a wedding without a red carpet cannot be considered as completed.

The Colors of the Indian Wedding

We mentioned that Indian weddings are totally colorful. They can use any color in the decoration or dresses. But, there two colors which they never change which are

red and gold

. You cannot complete your wedding without these two colors.

Besides the colors, you can never ignore the candles in a Indian wedding. You can use colorful candles to light the area. Also you can go for gold color to complete the combination.

After you complete the decoration, you can have a wedding in fairy tales. If you want to have completely Indian wedding the go and get a


for yourself and look like an Indian.

Shubh Vivah (Happy Wedding)

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