Wonderful ideas for Yellow Wedding

A yellow wedding combination is a perfect choice for the couples who plan their wedding. It is extremely out of ordinary and beautiful. If you want to learn more about this theme, in this article you can find some wonderful ideas for yellow wedding.

Couples prefer to have a summer wedding in general. But, if you plan to have a wedding in different season like winter or fall, then you should choose yellow wedding as the theme. Also gold color would be a perfect choice for the theme.

Some Combination Ideas

  • You can use these color to make a shade look.
  • You can also prefer to add black to have a more stunning and interesting effect
  • If you have a winter or fall wedding, you can go for red, purple, dark blue and green with the main color.
  • For the lighters you can go for yellow, orange, cream or white color. And, these color would look on a candle.
  • Some Ideas for Bouquets

    It is time to arrange the flowers. In the following part you can see some flowers name. It is your choice to use them with their own color or yellow color. And the flowers are, roses, orchids, lilies, sunflowers, daisies, tulips and so much more.

    Some Ideas for Decoration

    For the center of the table you can put some yellow color candles. Also some scattered rose petals would look on the table. If you want, you can use orange, lemon or mandarin to decorate the table. And , with this way you can get the harmony of color.

    You can also use flower to decorate the tables. For the color, you can use the main wedding color. For example, if you choose cream color with yellow, you can get a cream color vase with yellow flowers or just the opposite.

    Some Ideas for the Main Theme

    Bee theme

    For this theme, your colors should be yellow and black. For the decoration, you can use black vase with yellow flowers. Also, you can prefer the same colors for the napkin and plates. Putting some small figures of bee on the table would be a great idea. If we talk about bee, you should not forget the honey. With the bee you can put small honey cups on the table. Another choice for you is to get some plates with design of bee and honey on it. And for the invitation you can put the same figure.

    Sunflower Theme

    To decorate the area, you can use big sunflowers. If you have difficulty on finding, you can get the fake ones. Also, you can use the leaves to decorate the tables. Having some napkin ring with a small figure of sunflower would be a great idea. Another option is to decorate the chair with white tulle and big fake sunflower.

    Butterfly Theme

    If you want to have a wedding just like in fairytale, then get some butterfly. Especially, yellow, white and cream colored of butterflies would look perfect. You can use figure of butterflies like bee and sunflower. It would be costly but if you put some butterfly wing behind the chair that would be a fairytale wedding.

    We mentioned some ideas for yellow wedding. But, these are just some of them. When you make extensive research, you would see that so many different ideas are available for this theme.

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