Beautiful Wedding Speech Ideas

You wear your lovely dress, stand on the scene with your partner and you are almost pronounced as husband and wife. But, before saying “

Yes, I do

” you have to make a speech. And, if you did not consider about the type of it, we have some beautiful wedding speech ideas.

Organizing a wedding day is as difficult as organizing a national event. You have to think about every single details to have a completed wedding. The speech is one of them. Maybe,

it is the most important part of the wedding

. Because, you might talk about your feelings for your partner or feelings at the moment. You might talk about the first day you met. That is why, it is the most important part of a wedding and you need to pay much more attention than you paid on the other details. You should make a speech that would be in the memories even in the following ten years.

Some Beautiful Wedding Speech Ideas

  • If you are the best man, you can say some

    good wishes for bride and groom

    . Also you can tell that how you met them.

  • As for the bride and the groom, you should talk about your feelings for your partner. You can tell that what you felt when you saw him/her for the first time. You can talk about your thoughts. Tell that how do you see the future with him/her.

    Your expectations, your wishes, hopes and every feelings


  • If the parents of the couple are the ones who make the speech, then talk about the

    first moment that you hold him/her

    . You can talk about their childhood. Tell the guests that what kind of children he/she was. Mention that now you are in the wedding of your daughter or son.

Telling some funny stories during the speech is available for many couples and best men. Yes, you can make that day funny and enjoyable by telling funny stuff. Also, you can make that day emotional and unforgettable by telling your feelings. Do not hesitate to make the guests cry. With the

beautiful wedding speech ideas

, you got your speech and made it. Now, you are ready to say “ Yes, i do.”

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