The Average Salary of a Wedding Planner

When you look for a job, you pay more attention on some details like salary. It is really important to get well-paid job for every person. And, if you are interested in being a wedding planner then you have first condition well. Because, they make good money from that business. If you want to learn details, we mention the regular salary of a wedding planner.

Wedding planning is

multi million dollar business

which need some expertise and skills. First of all, you need to be creative to plan such an event. Also, you have to be patient enough to consider about all details. If you have the skill and the other requirements, then you are ready to be wedding planner.

In general, wedding planners charge 10% of the wedding budget. It makes between

$10.000- $100.000

as a average price. But, it can be changed from city to city or from couple to couple.

In USA, the

average wedding cots $25.000

. And the wedding planners use a formula to account the price that they would charge to the couple. In order to do so, they take the average price and multiply with 10% to get the average charge. When you multiply this money with the average number of wedding in a year, you can find the average salary of per year.

Just like the other jobs, you have chance to choose to be a part-time or full-time wedding planner. And, if you choose one of them, your salary would be arranged according to the duration of your work.

Average Salary for Part-Time Wedding Planner

If you work for one or two wedding in a month, it could be considered as a part-time wedding planning. You could use the same formula to account your salary as well. As a part-time wedding planner, your salary would be between

$40.000 – $60.000

for a year.

Average Salary for Full-Time Wedding Planner

If you are a full-time wedding planner, you can take couple of weddings in a month. Especially in the wedding season, it could be increased. If we consider that you could have 35 weddings in a year, your salary would be between

$87.500 – $100.000

for e a year.

Having some cooperation could be another business for you. If you have a agreement with a hotel or resorts, you can earn


for a year.

If you like organizing events, you could choose being a wedding planner. You can earn good money and have fun at the same time. If you are interested in, after you learn the regular salary of a wedding planner, you can consider to do that as a business seriously.

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