Homemade Wedding Favors

If we talk about wedding, we have to admit that they are extremely costly. But, by using some tips you can save money on wedding costs like making your own wedding favors. Homemade wedding favors is one of the best way to save money. There are so many different ways to have wedding favors.

One of the easiest wedding favors is

baked goods

. If you decide to give baked goods to your guests, then you would have many different options. For example, you can go for

homemade cookies, chocolate or cupcakes

. You can choose just one item if you want. But, giving different kind of baked goods in a basket could be a good option for you.

If you are a fan of music, then you can

thank the guests with a CD

. You would feel happy to know that the possibilities of creating CDs are unlimited. You can choose a romantic theme which symbolizes your relationship or you can choose your favorite songs. Also, you can create a CD according to the theme of the wedding. If you have a old theme wedding, then you can go for old songs like 80’s or 90’s. If you have a classical wedding theme, then put some songs from classical music. Besides the music, you can create a CD with your picture. You can put some picture from your wedding or daily life maybe your childhood pictures.

If you have a wedding near some holidays, then you can go for


as a wedding favors. You can create a favor with some lovely stones, ribbons or funny figures like cartoon characters. Also, you can choose the theme according to the holiday. For example, if you have a winter wedding and the wedding day is near the Christmas then you can go for tree or Santa Claus.

If you have a small wedding, you can give some

personal messages

to your guests. You can write them down in colorful papers. It is your chose to get black color paper and write them down with colorful pencils as well. You can go for envelope to put them inside. Also, you can use lovely rings to tie them. You can get some ribbons as well. For a beach wedding, you can go for a message in the bottle.

As you see, there are so many ways to show your gratitude to your guests like homemade wedding favors. And, you are able to choose the one you like most as well. You could thank your guests and save money at the same time.

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