How to Plan a Wedding Step By Step?

There are so many different details which have to be remembered during the preparations of a wedding. Some people do not realize that how much time and work is required. Having a to-do list or checklist would be the biggest assistance for you while you are planning your wedding. And, in this article, you can find some tips about how to plan a wedding step by step.

The List of the Things You Have to Take Care in Turn


First of all, you have decide the date and the location of the wedding. This is one of the most important part of a planning. Decide when you want to get married and where you want to get married.


Decide if you want to have a wedding reception. Also, you have to decide about the time of it as well. Because, some people would like to congratulate you after wedding ceremony. Some people would not.


Reserve the wedding and reception hall. There might some specific places you would like to take. So, decide on the place and take it. Remember, as soon as you decide about the place, you are supposed to give some deposit to keep it.


Choose a wedding party. It could be anyone from your friends or family. You should choose someone who you love and trust.


Decide about the color and the theme of the wedding. First, you have to plan the main theme, after that you can start to plan the details. You should choose something that describes your style.


Choose the music for the ceremony and the wedding. You can choose something that address everyone. Or, you can get a DJ for young people in the wedding.


Now, it is time to decide about the menu. Decide that if you would like to go buffet or for catering company.

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Send the invitations. It is better if you send them at least two months ahead. In this way, you would give them some time to plan for the wedding.


Get your wedding dress. If you do not want to have last second problem, start to think about your dress a few months before the wedding. After you choose the dress, you need also decide about the accessories, shoes and other details.

Planning a wedding is not easy as it seems. Once you decide that you would like to get married, you should start work on from that moment. Relax, you do not need to be afraid. You can plan everything perfectly by following the tips to plan your wedding step by step.

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