Decorating a Wedding with Silk Flowers

Wedding flowers is one of the most important part in wedding decoration. It is the part that completes the whole ambiance. You have so many different options like

Silk Flowers

. Also, it is a really good way to save money.

You can use them for the all parts or just some parts of your wedding ceremony. You can buy them from flower shop or a hobby shop. If you prefer to buy them from different shops, make sure that the harmony between color and style is good.

Ways to Decorate a Wedding with Silk Flowers:

  • You can decorate the venue and the chapel with these flowers. There are some typical places for silk flowers like altar and entrance.
  • You can also have stylish baskets with silk flowers. You can hang them with tulle which would be really lovely and decorative.
  • For the table decoration, silk flowers would be a good choice as a centerpiece. Using tall glasses which look like vase would be a perfect match.
  • Do not forget to add silk flowers to the wedding cake. You can use them to put on top instead of plastic figures.

Some Advantages of Using Silk Flowers:


It is much more cheaper than having real ones.


They do not get crushed easily.


They are not affected from temperature. That is why, they can always keep their fresh look.


You can carry them for long distance.


Guests can keep them for themselves as memory.


They can also be used for another event in later years. You can use the all advantages which come from it is durable.

If you choose to use silk flower for your wedding decoration, you need to decide weather you want to buy them yourself or you want to provide from a shop.

If you have limited budget for decoration and if you do not want to deal with real flowers, then do not think too much and decorate your wedding with silk flowers.

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