Flowery Wedding Arches

Flowers are very popular for wedding decoration. They have been used for so many years and they are still used. Mostly, they are not too expensive. For sure, it depends on the flower you choose. If you go for orchids, it is helpful to say they are quite expensive. They are used for main decoration, table decoration and arches which is mentioned in this article.

The Tips to Decorate the Arches with Flowers

Let us suppose that you have already purchased your arch. But, it is plain and undecorated. In such cases, the first thing which comes in mind is to use flowers to decorate it. And , you might think that it would be very costly. You do not need to worry. Because it is quite possible to create an arch with flowers without overspending.

The Materials that You Need:

  • A few meters of ribbon
  • 1 meter of tulle
  • 8 stems roses
  • 8 stems grass
  • 4 stems lilacs
  • 2 stem peach flower
  • Some orchids ( if you can afford)
  • 1 big size rose
  • Some satin ribbons
  • 3-4 ivy garlands


  • To tie the flowers on the arch, use some floral wire or tape. First, you need to make two bouquets. You need to place the ivy garlands and grass. Use the big rose to keep on one side. Keeping in the middle can be an option if you like.
  • Then arrange the other flowers to place on the arch according to your choice. Use the wire to fix the flowers. Now. You can use ribbon to make a knot over the stems. With the same steps make the second bouquets.
  • Now it is time to use the tulle. After you arrange the bouquet’s place, you can make the last touch with tulle. You can use the tulle to decorate the sides. You can make them like flowing tulle from sides. Or you can put it in the middle. It is all your choice.

We haven’t mentioned about color, it depends on your desire and the ambiance of wedding. Also, you can choose the flower according to the season. If you have a winter season, then go for winter flowers. You can do the same for fall flowers as well.

In this article we mentioned about simple tips for flowery wedding arches. If you make extensive research, then you would be able to find more informations about decorating arches. You can choose
the perfect one for your wedding according to your desire and style.

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