New and Unusual Wedding Traditions : Medieval Wedding Dress

While you are planning your wedding, the wedding dress is the one you pay more and more attention than the other details. You want to wear something extra-ordinary like every other bride does. And, in this article we mention about a new wedding tradition:

Medieval Wedding Dress


Would you like to look like a princess in your wedding? Then, do not think too much and get one medieval wedding dress. Mostly, brides prefer to get a classical type of wedding which includes a classical type of dress as well. But, times are changing and so many brides break out this rule. So, they try to do find something different.

Medieval wedding dress might not be the type of dress that you think it is. If you think that the type of your grandmother’s wedding dress is close and like medieval wedding dress, than you are wrong. The style and the color of the dress was totally different in medieval times. Now, the most popular wedding dress color is white. In these times, color of the wedding dress is

blue as a symbol of purity


The most popular type of medieval wedding dress is

renaissance style

. With long sleeves, flowing skirt and the combination of different colors as well. Remember, with these long sleeves, you would have difficulties to rut your hands up. But, if you are sure that this is what you want and you would be comfortable in that dress, then there is no reason why you cannot get one of these type of dress. But, if you want, you can get a medieval wedding dress without sleeves as well. You do not have to wear a exact renaissance style of dress. You can combine it with your own ideas.

You have too many different options to get a medieval wedding dress. You can get a dress with long sleeves or without sleeves. Or get a dress with a hanger. If your dress suits on your waist, then

get a stylish belt

and complete your princess dress. Because, if we talk about renaissance style, a dress without belt cannot be considered as completed.

It is possible to get a dress with flowing skirt or with a regular straight dress as well. It depends on your desire and wishes. As long as you feel comfortable in it and you think it suits on you perfectly, then it means you get the perfect dress for yourself.

After you complete your dress, it is time to decide the


. Since we talk about looking like a princess, the first accessory that you should choose has to be a stylish


. You have too many options in choosing the type of the crest. You can get a regular crest or a flower crest according to your desire. If your dress does not cover your neck, then you should get a stylish


. Also, you can complete your look with fashionable



As you see, there so many different possibilities in styles of dress. You can follow the rules for the type of the dress. Or you can create your own dress as well. Combine your ideas with the regular type of medieval wedding dress and create something totally different from the others. This new and unusual wedding tradition would be perfect for the brides who is able to go out of ordinary.

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