Fighting Before Wedding

When people are under stress, they are quite able to do a lot of silly things. And, in life we have so many times that we are under stress. Pre-wedding is one of them. In this period, couples who are about to get married could fight about anything before the wedding. In this article, we mention about the four big fights which could be had by any couple.

1-) I Think You Don’t Care About The Wedding

This fight appears while the couples try to choose some decoration details. It could be the main decoration or small things. When the bride says “ What color should our wedding decoration be? The groom need to suggest something like “ I don’t know. White or cream color maybe.” Very typical. After the bride turns , he makes mistake and says “ I don’t care. I am okay with every color you choose.” When he does that, he thinks that he lets the bride go on her way and be free for arranging the wedding. But, on the other hand, bride thinks that the man who she is about to get married with does not care any small or big details about wedding. Because, all she hears is “I don’t care.” If you are lucky and your partner is relevant, then would know that he needs to pretend to care about the wedding details. Also he would know that he feels your choices are exactly same with his choices. But, if he is not that relevant, things would be a little bit different.

2-) I Hate Your Parents

The second fight which is more important, shows up when the thing gets complicated. During the preparations of the wedding, parents of the bride and groom have different ideas for wedding especially the mothers. Your mother could insist you to invite too many guests. But, groom’s mother would not be okay with that if they pay for the main cost of wedding. The hardest part is to admit that you are also getting married with his family as well. Because, these people would be part of your life till the end. You want that your man defends you. But, how can he refuse his family. The same thing is applicable for you as well. He would have too many problems with your family members and so would you. You think that you can tell them to stop. But, is it that easy? After all, you are couple in the eyes of everyone and you have your own life. So, it is the best to get some boundaries with families.

3-) Pre-wedding Parties

When you think about this party for groom, you might feel a little bit angry. Because, you don’t want him to dance with a sexy dancer or a stripper in a club that is full of ladies. If you are extreme person, the party that you would have before wedding would make him feel nervous as well. The best thing to do is to have these parties a few months before wedding when everybody is more calm.

4-) The Ex Boyfriend

According to your opinion there is nothing wrong with meeting your ex for a meal or coffee to tell that you get married so soon. Also, you might think that he could invite his ex to the wedding. It is a little unacceptable that when you walk into a new life, you still think about your old life. It could make a man really angry. Remember, you are belong to him and no other way to be. Hey, it is your best day as a couple. So leave everything behind and focus on your day and partner.

All these topics that you have fight about, would be your source of joy in later years and you would be laughing to them. So is it that necessary to fight about these brutish topics? Is it in your hands to make that stressful days enjoyable.

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